Wisdom from our Friends

But Wait, There's More!

Turns out there are quite a few of us with experiences and wisdom to share via blogs, facebook, and articles. Check out what some of our friends have to say below.

Tauna Meyer
Homemaker, Homeschooler, Blogger

Tauna Meyer is the owner and founder of the blog "Proverbial Homemaker." She also administrates several popular Facebook groups including "Domestically Challenged, Divinely Equipped" and "Homeschool Successfully: Perfection Not Required"
If you get to know Tauna at church, be sure to ask her about her story. We promise you'll love her more!

Beth Banham
Speaker, Blogger

Beth has recently started a blog where she shares her heart - and her tips! - for real connections with God's people.

Healing from Miscarriage and Abortion
A co-written series from some of our members who have been there, done that