We're not after your money here at City's Edge. Really, we're not! If you attend services regularly, you may have noticed that we never pass the plate. That's because we want your giving to be between you and God, not because of guilt or social pressure. That said, we do believe that God asks us to generously give, and blesses us when we do. (Luke 6:38, 1 Cor 9:5-13) So we're happy to be the recipient of any portion of your giving that you feel God has lead you to provide.
We have three ways to give (money) at City's Edge. (And many, many more ways to give time or other resources. Just ask!)

Give at Church

On your way out of the meeting room into the lobby, look for a small box mounted on the wall next to the door. This is where you may drop your tithes and offerings.
Checks should be made out to City's Edge Community Church.
To preserve tax exempt status, please do not write in the Memo field of your check.

Give By Mail

We love this option for most routine giving.

Make checks out to City's Edge Community Church and send them to
City's Edge Community Church
10180 SW Nimbus Ave
Building J2
Beaverton, OR 97223
Consider creating a payee through your online banking website and setting up a recurring donation.
This service is free to you - and City's Edge!

Give Via

We are very happy to be able to offer an online giving option for those who prefer to give by credit or debit card.
Please note that City's Edge pays a small fee (2.9% + $0.30 per gift) for this service. You may always select "cover fees" on the giving form to automatically increase your gift by the fee amount.

You will receive a receipt in January or February of each year for the previous year's giving.
If you have questions or concerns about your giving, you may contact Kathy Nelson, who keeps our books, at

Well, first and foremost, we pay our expenses. Our pastor and childrens' co-ordinator receive a salary. We pay rent on our building, cover utilities, and make sure there's plenty of coffee on Sunday morning.

Above that, we always endeavor to keep an emergency fund. Finally, we give to others. We help with summer camp and retreat scholarships. We help support some missionaries. We sponsor families and organizations around the holidays. And that's just the big stuff!

The important thing is that we don't do any of this in the dark. We have a finance team that helps make routine decisions throughout the year. And at least once a year we have a full church business meeting in which all expenses are shared and all account balances are disclosed. Comments and questions are welcome anytime.